Saturday, September 30, 2006

National Media Market - Part 2

The National Media Market was a great success for Choices. We met a lot of new and current customers and learned a great deal about what today's educational market is looking for in video content. Attendees were especially excited about our new titles including "City of Bees", "Concrete Revolution". "Letters From Iran", "Awakening" and "Reckless Indifference".

Overall it was a great trip and we hope to back again next year! To learn more about the National Media Market visit their website -

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

National Media Market

Choices is at the National Media Market this year which is being held in Mesa, Arizona. Many educators, librarians and other savvy folk attend this conference to find out the newest content out there. Choices is presenting its new titles there along with showcasing our customer favorites. When we have time, we'll let you know more of what's happening here in sunny (and very hot) Arizona.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Extended Interview with Brandon Hein

Here is the link to an extended interview with Brandon Hein that director William Gazecki conducted. The interview discuss a wide range of topics and updates to the film "Reckless Indifference".

Watch the Interview.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Release - Through My Eyes

We are pleased to announce "Through My Eyes" will release on Septemember 20th. This film on Rwandan youth was produced by Eric Kabera who also directed another Choices title "Keepers of Memory".

Through My Eyes follows the youth of Rwanda today, who use the arts to help move the country forward ten years after the genocide. By expressing themselves through dance, poetry, music and painting, the teens, many of whom lost parents and family members during the conflict, are able to deal with the emotional and physical trauma they endured.

The film documents how through organizations and group activities, these creative talents not only honor those that perished but also confront new problems affecting the country such as poverty and AIDS. By focusing on what they can accomplish by working together in creative endeavors, the youth of Rwanda prove that art can not only benefit those around them but ensure future generations have a brighter future. From acclaimed director Eric Kabera (Keepers of Memory).

Running Time: 44 minutes

Subject areas: Africa, Rwanda, Art, AIDS, Poverty, Genocide, History

Awakening Trailer

Here is the trailer for our new release "Awakening".

View Trailer