Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mandela Day Screenings of "Viva Nelson Mandela"

Choices is pleased to announce that in honor on Mandela Day (July 18th), the following venues will be holding free screenings of our recent release "Viva Nelson Mandela".

San Diego Public Library
Literature Section
820 E Street
San Diego, CA 92101
July 18th - 2 pm screening

July 18th at 2pm
Rabb Auditorium
Boston Public Library
Central Library - The Johnson Building
700 Boylston Street, Copley Square
Boston, MA 02116

July 18th at 3pm
African American Museum & Library at Oakland
659 14th St.
Oakland, CA 94612-1242

Please consult each venues website or call them for more information. To learn more about the film and watch a trailer, click here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Film on Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women Coming Soon.

Long Awaited Documentary on Acclaimed Blues Band Saffire to be Released July 21st on DVD.

Choices Inc, a distributor of documentaries and independent feature films announced the upcoming DVD release of Hot Flash, a new documentary on Saffire -The Uppity Blues Women.

The new film chronicles the history and enduring legacy of one of the most popular blues bands performing today. After 25 years of recording and performing, Saffire has embarked on their final nationwide tour promoting their new album “Having The Last Word”.

The DVD will include extended interviews, an educational guidebook, photo gallery and much more! SRP is $19.95.


As a special offer to all Saffire fans, Choices is offering 20% off to those who pre-order the DVD at their website www.choicesvideo.net. Those who pre-order will be the first to receive their copy when it is released July 21st.

To order, please visit www.choicesvideo.net and use coupon code “Saffire” or call 1-888-570-5400 and mention the 20% offer when ordering. One time use per customer.

Watch a clip of the film here.

For more information about the film, please call 1-888-570-5400.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Viva Nelson Mandela - New From Choices

Choices is pleased to announce the release of our latest film, Viva Nelson Mandela: A Hero For All Seasons.

VIVA NELSON MANDELA: A Hero For All Seasons is a celebration of an icon, a titan of our times and a giant among men. In the year of his 90th birthday, he remains a man at the center of attention, not only in South Africa, but around the world as a moral leader, an elder statesman and an exceptional human being.

The film takes the viewer on an intimate journey behind the headlines and away from the public eye and looks at the man himself as a loyal friend, a dependable comrade, a trusted confidant, a respected mentor, and a man who has touched and transformed countless lives. For the first time his complete story is being told – a life of struggle, humanity, destiny and greatness is recalled and celebrated by those who knew him best and who worked with him in the quest to break the chains of oppression, taking us beyond the political and into the personal.

The DVD will be released on May 19th, 2009 and will retail for $24.95. To learn more, please visit www.choicesvideo.net

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Danny Schechter Article on Obama's Post- Election Goals

Danny Schechter, director of "Barack Obama: People's President" posted this article on Media Channel.org about his new film and Obama's post-election plans.


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Barack Obama: People's President - New From Choices

Choices is pleased to announce the release of our new DVD: Barack Obama: People's President.

The one story that most TV outlets didn't tell in the 2008 election was the most important one -how did a young and relatively unknown candidate become President? If you voted for Barack Obama or not, this is a story you will want to know because it shows how the face of presidential politics changed forever.

BARACK OBAMA PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT goes inside the official and unofficial campaign to show how Barack Obama was turned into a political brand to appeal to young first time voters. It shows how social networking on the internet—blogs, Facebook, texting and other techniques were used carry the message to the masses and to raise tens of millions of dollars for the campaign. Popular online videos such as "Obama Girl", along with those created by regular yet passionate supporters to engage their own communities, became one of the most important tools in the campaign's success.

Featuring interviews with media analysts, activists, journalists and grassroots organizers, BARACK OBAMA PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT will be a valuable resource for those seeking to inspire change in their community as well as a treasured keepsake of this historic campaign.

The DVD will be released on April 21st and will retail for $24.95. To learn more visit www.choicesvideo.net

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The World of the Doll Artist - New Release

Choices is pleased to announce the release of The World of the Doll Artist which explores the passion and the creative process of doll making. Learn from world-renowned artists Olga Roehl, Shelly Thornton, Gail Lackey, Nancy Wiley, the Creagers and more as they discuss their inspiration, approach to craft, and design techniques. Viewers will get a first look at the latest work of these amazing artisans through up-close and vivid photography.

For newcomers and long time fans of doll making, The World of the Doll Artist will serve as a treasured resource for years to come.

The DVD will be released on February 24th and will sell for $19.95. To learn more please visit www.choicesvideo.net or here.

To view a trailer of the film, click here.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Marketing and Fulfillment Services for Self-Distributors

Choices is pleased to now offer DVD Marketing and Fulfillment services for your project.

Ideal for those planning to self-distribute their next film, prepare for festival screenings and/or create their own outreach strategy, Choices offers a wide variety of design, marketing and fulfillment services backed by our twenty years plus experience in the home video and documentary marketplace.

And for those in the Los Angeles area, we offer an in-house, Mac based editing system.

For more information, call 1-888-570-5400 or email us at getinfo@choicesvideo.net

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year. New Prices.

To celebrate the New Year and expand the reach of our films to a wider audience, Choices is lowering the price to many of our current and catalog titles.

These include:
Elie Wiesel Goes Home ($19.95)
The Hours and Times ($19.95)
Endangered Species Series ($19.95)
Grand Illusions Part Two ($19.95)
Daughters of Afghanistan ($19.95)
The Poetry Lounge ($19.95)
Radiation: A Slow Death ($19.95)
Checkpoint ($19.95)
Keepers of Memory ($19.95)
Missing Presumed Dead ($19.95)
Panihari: The Water Women of India ($19.95)
The Concrete Revolution ($19.95)
City of Bees ($19.95)
Letters from Iran ($19.95)
Awakening: Empowering Women Through Microloans ($19.95)
Reckless Indifference ($19.95)
Through My Eyes ($19.95)
In the Tall Grass ($19.95)
Saz: The Palestinian Rapper for Change ($19.95)
Hanging with the Sloth ($19.95)
A School of Their Own ($19.95)
The Miseducation of Pakistan ($19.95)
Dateline Afghanistan ($19.95)
The Perfect Life ($19.95)
Joyce to the World ($19.95)
Our Feathered Friends ($19.95)
Rumi: Turning Ecstatic ($19.95)
The Poetry Lounge 2 ($19.95)
The Poetry Lounge 3 ($19.95)
Vaccinations? Assessing the Risks and Benefits ($19.95)

To learn more about these films, please visit our website www.choicesvideo.net