Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Danny Schechter Article on Obama's Post- Election Goals

Danny Schechter, director of "Barack Obama: People's President" posted this article on Media about his new film and Obama's post-election plans.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Barack Obama: People's President - New From Choices

Choices is pleased to announce the release of our new DVD: Barack Obama: People's President.

The one story that most TV outlets didn't tell in the 2008 election was the most important one -how did a young and relatively unknown candidate become President? If you voted for Barack Obama or not, this is a story you will want to know because it shows how the face of presidential politics changed forever.

BARACK OBAMA PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT goes inside the official and unofficial campaign to show how Barack Obama was turned into a political brand to appeal to young first time voters. It shows how social networking on the internet—blogs, Facebook, texting and other techniques were used carry the message to the masses and to raise tens of millions of dollars for the campaign. Popular online videos such as "Obama Girl", along with those created by regular yet passionate supporters to engage their own communities, became one of the most important tools in the campaign's success.

Featuring interviews with media analysts, activists, journalists and grassroots organizers, BARACK OBAMA PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT will be a valuable resource for those seeking to inspire change in their community as well as a treasured keepsake of this historic campaign.

The DVD will be released on April 21st and will retail for $24.95. To learn more visit

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