Thursday, November 02, 2006

New Release - Saz

Choices is pleased to announce our latest release - Saz: The Palestinian Rapper for Change.

This provocative documentary goes behind the ghetto walls of Ramlah to look at a year in the life of budding Palestinian hip-hop star Samekh Zakhut a.k.a. Saz. Growing up in a Jewish neighborhood as a third generation of a moderate family, Saz has had to learn to balance their traditional viewpoints with his strong feelings of insult and rage for the injustices his people have suffered. He does this through music, using it as a starting point for discussion with Israeli and Arab youth who have grown further apart since the recent Intifada.

For Saz, music is a place where people who disagree can come together. It takes him to the clubs and neighborhoods of Tel Aviv, Haifa, and London. The film also looks at his relationship with his aging grandfather, a refugee of the 1948 war. Their conversations reveal their differing ideologies. "I don’t see my Palestine being built by blood" says Saz. "It should be built by negotiations, not bombings in Tel Aviv. My bullets are my rhymes. My M-16 is my microphone".

The DVD will be released on November 14th. The price will be $49.95 and will include two tracks from Saz's upcoming new album "Min Yum".

Learn more about the DVD here.

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