Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Our Feathered Friends

Choices is pleased to announce the release of our newest title, Our Feathered Friends.

Spend a year on a farm with the chickens!

From the producers of the acclaimed City of Bees comes a new film exploring the fascinating and complex world of chickens from a child's point of view. The story is set in the countryside, where two brothers spend time with their grandma on her farm. There they learn that chickens live both in the coop and in the trees. Young roosters battle to oust the old ruler and hens confront pheasants and hawks trying to enter the nest.

The youngsters watch new chicks emerge in the spring and follow their progress while learning all about the bird’s origins, what they eat, and how they develop. With up-close photography, vibrant music and even an interactive "chicken dance", viewers of all ages will be enchanted and informed by Our Feathered Friends.

The DVD will be available on August 21st. Price is $24.95.

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