Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year. New Prices.

To celebrate the New Year and expand the reach of our films to a wider audience, Choices is lowering the price to many of our current and catalog titles.

These include:
Elie Wiesel Goes Home ($19.95)
The Hours and Times ($19.95)
Endangered Species Series ($19.95)
Grand Illusions Part Two ($19.95)
Daughters of Afghanistan ($19.95)
The Poetry Lounge ($19.95)
Radiation: A Slow Death ($19.95)
Checkpoint ($19.95)
Keepers of Memory ($19.95)
Missing Presumed Dead ($19.95)
Panihari: The Water Women of India ($19.95)
The Concrete Revolution ($19.95)
City of Bees ($19.95)
Letters from Iran ($19.95)
Awakening: Empowering Women Through Microloans ($19.95)
Reckless Indifference ($19.95)
Through My Eyes ($19.95)
In the Tall Grass ($19.95)
Saz: The Palestinian Rapper for Change ($19.95)
Hanging with the Sloth ($19.95)
A School of Their Own ($19.95)
The Miseducation of Pakistan ($19.95)
Dateline Afghanistan ($19.95)
The Perfect Life ($19.95)
Joyce to the World ($19.95)
Our Feathered Friends ($19.95)
Rumi: Turning Ecstatic ($19.95)
The Poetry Lounge 2 ($19.95)
The Poetry Lounge 3 ($19.95)
Vaccinations? Assessing the Risks and Benefits ($19.95)

To learn more about these films, please visit our website www.choicesvideo.net

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