Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The World of the Doll Artist - New Release

Choices is pleased to announce the release of The World of the Doll Artist which explores the passion and the creative process of doll making. Learn from world-renowned artists Olga Roehl, Shelly Thornton, Gail Lackey, Nancy Wiley, the Creagers and more as they discuss their inspiration, approach to craft, and design techniques. Viewers will get a first look at the latest work of these amazing artisans through up-close and vivid photography.

For newcomers and long time fans of doll making, The World of the Doll Artist will serve as a treasured resource for years to come.

The DVD will be released on February 24th and will sell for $19.95. To learn more please visit or here.

To view a trailer of the film, click here.

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